Saturday, May 24, 2008

Spring Jewelry

A couple of weeks ago I had a serious urge to make jewelry.
I definitely do not feel very accomplished at jewelry making, which is pretty obvious by the wire wrapping above. For me, when it comes to handmade items such as jewelry, I don't want it to look handmade. I know that seems to defeat the purpose, but when I wear these items I don't want to look like I was attacked by a craft fair.

Maybe this stuff still looks a bit hokey, but I am still learning, so I am relatively pleased with the results.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Finished & New Sewing

I finished my Amy Butler Cabo halter tops awhile ago,
and I am finally getting to post about them.
Unfortunately, the light blue version ended up too small for me so my sister got a new top.

I'm happy how this one turned out. It should be good for the summer.

Another recent quick project was this portfolio.

It has pockets for paper, notes, pens, pencils, whatever.

Here's a book cover to match.

I'm really happy with these projects.

All of them were easy and each can be made in an afternoon.